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Trail Descriptions


great walking paths and climbing trails

We ask that riders use the troads for climbing and, as necessary, traversing for connectivity.  Please don’t rip down the troads on a bike. 

Clovis connects the Overflow Parking to the Hiking Trailhead.  It’s a pretty hike or run that feels quite remote in the middle section, and it is a great option when Primary Goods is busy or you want solitude.   

Quick Draw and Straight Shot provide great ways to get up onto the ridge.  For bikers looking to maximize their time descending, they are the most direct and quickest ways up.  And for all users, they provide a way to the top that avoids downhill bike traffic, which is something to keep in mind on busy days.

Tower Path and Beeline climb from the Hiking Trailhead up to the highest point on the property, where we hope to build a viewing tower.  Beeline cuts the corner of Clovis and Tower Path.  It is named and signed mainly to avoid confusion.

Lonely Hunter Bisector connects into the middle of Lonely Hunter, one of the longer trails, and provides a great way to bail out when you don’t have the time or energy for the entire trail.  It also allows you to get back onto the ridge as quickly as possible.  There are couple of marked shortcuts that connect up from Lonely Hunter to the Bisector.  Starting at the Tip Top and riding Scrambled Dog and Lonely Hunter down the the lake provides a long, mostly down run, and then you can use a shortcut to get back up quickly.  And another shortcut comes in handy for laps on Kolowa.


traditional foot paths

Kinard’s begins as Kinard’s North.  It climbs out of Palmetto Crossing (start up Doughboy; Kinard’s exits from the first corner) to a pretty knoll and then meanders out to the bottom of Scrambled Dog near Ridge Road.  From there, a short stretch of Lonely Hunter is used to cross Ridge Road and connect to Kinard’s South, which runs parallel to an old roadbed for a bit before becoming a loop that leads out to the lake and runs along the shore.  

Chief begins at Palmetto Crossing on the other side of Field Road.  It circumnavigates the ridge above Bimini North.   The north side of the loop runs along the top of steep side slopes and offers great views into untouched bottom lands before descending into a pine forest.  The southern side of the ridge has gentler slopes and runs parallel to Bimini North.  A spur at the western end connects to Field Road, which allows you to connect to Kinards or, for a really long loop, Lonely Hunter.  An old, unmarked roadbed runs along the top of the ridge.



Green / Easiest

Lil’ Bit offers a short loop right by the Biking Trailhead that is great for beginners or as a warm-up loop.  It contains some rock features and small berms intended to allow bikers to become familiar with and comfortable on the sorts of features they will find on the rest of the trail system.  Over time, we plan to enhance the skills features present on the trail.

Primary Goods, the inner green loop, is relatively flat but contains a couple of optional lines and features that offer a little extra challenge.   

Bimini is the outer green loop that provides access to the lake and has slightly more elevation change than Primary Goods.   

Doughboy is most commonly used as a climbing trail to get up to Spaghetti Junction and the top of The Bug.  But don’t sleep on Doughboy as a descent.  If you’re at Spaghetti Junction, The Bug is closed due to trail conditions, and you’re not feeling up to Chufi, then Doughboy to Primary Goods is a great way to get back to the Biking Trailhead.

Blue / Moderate
Viberations takes you from the Biking Trailhead out to either Primus or Tie Snake.  It has some rocky sections that will send some viberations your way.

Primus is sometimes tight and twisty, but overall very flowy.  It offers a teal alternative to Tie Snake and rides great both up and down.  Please watch for others on the way down, and on busy weekends consider using Straight Shot if you’re setting out for the Bullseye.

Lonely Hunter offers the most remote experience and provides a refreshing sense of being away from it all.  While it has some great turns and a couple of fun rock drops, on the whole it offers more of an old-school, cross-country feel compared to the other blue trails.

Sittin’ Pretty traverses from Spaghetti Junction to The Bullseye before descending to intersect Primus.  It’s a fairly mellow and teal cruise except for a few isolated spots.  When the leaves are off the trees, this trail provides sustained views from the ridge.

Chufi is a tight and twisty trail that contains a good bit of rock.  The lower section can be accessed from Quick Draw and is a fun, quick descent.  Because it’s so close to the Biking Trailhead, it has the potential to get busy.  Please be extra attentive when descending, and on busy weekends consider using Quick Draw to get to Spaghetti Junction.

Black / Most Difficult
Tie Snake is a rocky, undulating trail that gradually descends from the Oasis back towards the Biking Trailhead, but it also makes for a great climb that is interspersed with some fun downs.  It has a more rugged, old-school feel compared to the other black trails.

Scrambled Dog is consistently rocky and natural-feeling with fun switchbacks (including a really rocky left-hander) and a couple of challenging alternate roll downs.  If you’re descending and roll right into Lonely Hunter, you’ll enjoy a sustained (but somewhat undulating) run from the highest point on the property (The Tip Top) down to the lake.  You can use a marked shortcut to the Lonely Hunter Bisector to get back to Sittin’ Pretty without riding all of Lonely Hunter.

Hissy Fit begins off Sittin’ Pretty just below The Bullseye with a fun drop and some great turns.  It gets rockier and rockier as you descend.  If you enjoy technical climbs, a no-dab ascent is a fun challenge. The top section has a bit of a climb to get back up to the beginning of Cattywampus, and then it’s a rocky descent to the bottom.



Green / Easiest

The Bug is a fast, flowy, and smooth descent with a few tables sprinkled throughout.  It’s very approachable for all levels of riders. 

Flyin’ Shoes is a short beginner jump line at the northern end of Lil’ Bit.  There is an opportunity to bail that corresponds with the style of the jumps / difficulty.  The midway exit comes after the first jump, a berm, and two more jumps.  The jumps prior to this exit have a less pronounced lip and a good of bit of “roller” in their construction.  

The last two jumps (separated by another berm) are still very approachable and intended to be safe, but they are slightly more advanced and have a more pronounced lip.  It’s easier to get into trouble on these two compared to the preceding ones. Once you’re comfortable on the last two jumps, you’re ready to check out Swavey’s.

Blue / Moderate

Cyclone Gallop is the flowiest blue trail.  It has great berms and very few rocks or technical sections other than a drop and subsequent rock garden near the middle.  The drop offers numerous options, some of which are pretty gnarly.  As always, scout before you send.  The drop marks the end of the first descent, and a short climb gets you to the second descent.  Treat the skinnies at the very bottom with respect.

Lickety Split contains three distinct descents separated by short, pedally sections.  The first section contains the biggest tables and some drops.  The second section starts with a rock rainbow feature before some smaller rollers and jumps that lead to a rock step-up into a corner.  The final section starts chunky and fast and has a rock slab that can be rolled, dropped, or ridden as a stepdown by popping off the very front of the slab (don’t come up short!).  After the slab, the rocks let up and there are some smaller jumps the rest of the way down.  Once the trail reaches the lake, it flattens out and meanders back to City Road.  Just before it flattens out, there is a shortcut up to Chufi and Quick Draw that allows you to either head back up to the ridge or finish up on Swavey’s.

Swavey’s is a blue jump line that descends from the Runway back to the Biking Trailhead.  The jumps get progressively bigger and slightly steeper as you go.  Nothing is a true gap, but they are designed to be difficult to roll at trail speed.  Case to your heart’s content, but please make a good faith effort to get some air off the lips.  Rolling the lips damages them and increases the burden on our volunteers.  Swavey’s merges with Sky Shark, so do not drop at the same time.

Black / Most Difficult

Kolowa goes from moderately techy rock to some berms and doubles and then back to lots and lots of high-speed rock.  Watch for the gap jump through the tree and be sure to scout before you send.  If you’re not up for that feature, there’s a ride around.  Also be sure to watch out for the technical, rocky creek crossing after the rock diving board.  Getting on the correct line can be tricky.  

Cattywampus begins with a drop into a rocky straight followed quickly by a corner before transitioning into a raw, off-camber trail that is unique to the trail system.  Other than the very top and the corners at the very bottom, the trail was hand-built with the goal of creating just enough bench to make it rideable.  We’re hoping more roots show themselves over time and are likely to come back and add some rock.  This trail is one of the more obvious examples of our efforts to create variety in the overall trail system.

Sky Shark runs alongside Swavey’s and merges towards the bottom (do not drop at the same time).  While there are significant and mandatory gaps, all of the jumps can be cased slightly without catastrophic results, have good fall or slide zones, and are otherwise not “sketchy.”  Still, you should be very comfortable on Swavey’s before giving Sky Shark a go.  If you get scared and grab break or get too far back off the lips, it’s not going to be pretty.

See See Rider offers some drops and chunk up top, with lots of optional lines.  There are also great inside step-downs and drops that take you into the back of the second berm.  After the second berm, there’s a fun high-speed and flat corner followed by a couple more turns to the bottom.

Wildcat serves up a big drop (visually intimidating entry but pretty smooth) followed by a semi-blind stepdown (right) or rock roll (left).  Do a run on See See Rider first and scope out Wildcat, especially the stepdown, before taking a run.   A couple of high-speed berms take you to the bottom.