Completing the Construction of the Trails

Thank you for considering a donation to Standing Boy Inc. The Standing Boy Trails are the result of volunteer efforts and have been constructed with private dollars. We are excited about expanding the trails and facilities with your help!

  • Please make cash gifts via PaypalFacebook, or via check made out to Standing Boy, Inc. and mailed to Blake Melton at 1111 Bay Ave, Suite 400, Columbus, Georgia 31901. For wire instructions, please email us at Checks or wire transfers are preferable for larger donations because of the percentage-based transaction fee charged by Paypal. Also, for smaller donations we receive 100 cents of every dollar donated via Facebook.
  • For stock gifts please emails us at or contact Blake directly.

While gifts of any amount are needed and greatly appreciated, gifts at the following levels will be recognized on the website and eventually at the trailhead:

  • Titanium at $200,000 or more;
  • Carbon at $100,000 or more;
  • Aluminum at $50,000 or more;
  • Steel at $20,000 or more; and
  • Single-Speed at $5,000 or more.


We are very excited to be focused on raising the dollars needed to complete construction of the trails!

The Trails Master Plan contains 36 miles of trails, which are comprised of:

  • Multi-Use (hiking, running, and biking): 25 miles
  • Bike-Only, Gravity: 5 miles
  • Hiking-Only or Hiking-Primary: 6 miles

The Trails Master Plan has a total projected cost of $2,500,000, which includes an extensive master planning process as well as the professional construction of extraordinarily high-quality trails. 

We have already raised $1,700,000 and invested $1,400,000 in the Trails Master Plan, a Trailhead Master Plan, additional parking, and the construction of 19 miles of outstanding trails.

We need to raise an additional $800,000 to complete the construction of the trails.  Having a complete trail system is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • The trail system is designed so that all of the trails function together, which means all of the trails are necessary in order to provide connectivity. This connectivity is important because it allows users to create individualized loops of varying length and difficult as well as more directly access the one-way, bike-only, gravity trails.
  • We don’t currently have any black (most difficult) trails or newly-constructed hiking only trails.  Our current hiking-primary trails are “troads” (old logging roads) that do not provide the same experience as rough, narrow  trails.
  • In order for the trails to become more a regional draw, we need more mileage.

We have a matching grant of $400,000, so every dollar we raise will be matched!



Please help us by donating today!